As Mailchimp's Director of Brand Design, I help Marketing and Product Design build customer experiences that are on-brand. I also work with Portfolio Design to document our beautiful new design system, and with Culture to infuse our employee experiences with our signature brand values

Last year I lead the effort to reimagine the Mailchimp brand (yep, the yellow and those crazy good illustrations), redesign the marketing website experience for better conversion and CMS flexibility, and launch an enormous ad campaign celebrating the shift from email tool to marketing platform. This year we're going even further.


Before joining Mailchimp, I ran a design consultancy from a 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon while traveling across our great country. I remain passionate about mentoring designers and staying active in the design and tech communities. I have also lead creative and engineering teams at ad agencies, dot coms, and app consultancies. My work has produced award winning solutions for clients like Ford, WebMD, Cartoon Network, and REI. 

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Mailchimp brand redesign
High-risk, high reward effort to help a beloved brand grow.
9th Path Creative
Consultancy specializing in brand development and user experience design.
Awards & Recognition
MAKERS Conference Mailchimp Awardee
Addy Award, Artifact/BBDO | REI “Unpack”
Addy Award, Artifact/BBDO | REI “Backpacker”
Addy Award, Artifact/BBDO | REI “Outdoor”
Webby Award, Artifact/BBDO | REI “Headline Hiker”
Telly Award winner, JWT | Ford “Escape Plans”

Talks & Workshops
Connect.Tech | Keynote Speaker "The Journey"
Connect.Tech | Workshop "Develop Like a Designer"
Supernova South | Organizer: UX Track
SXSW | Workshop "It's All Spelled Out: Typography for Developers"
Bureau of Digital | Podcast guest
IXDA | Panelist "Hiring Designers"
AIGA | Speaker "Mentorship"
ANA | Speaker "Mailchimp Redesign"
House of Genius | Panelist
AITP | Panelist "Established Women In Tech"
ConnectJS | Speaker "CraftyBits: Handmade goods, IoT, and Cats"
ConnectJS | Speaker "Make It Work: Designers and Developers Working Together"
JazzCon | Workshop "Develop Like a Designer"
HTML5 Atlanta | Speaker “CraftyBits: Handmade goods, IoT, and Cats”
CodeNewbie | Speaker "Keep It 100: Communicating Across Project Teams”
CodeNewbie | Speaker "CraftyBits: Handmade goods, IoT, and Cats" 
CodeNewbie | Speaker "Ask Me Anything: Design"
JoJoCon | Workshop "Defining Your Journey"
Portfolio Center | Speaker "How an App is Made"

Microsoft | Curriculum Dev & Teaching "Windows 8 Design" (5 countries)
Big Nerd Ranch | Curriculum Dev & Teaching "iOS, Android & Responsive Web Design"
General Assembly | Curriculum Dev & Teaching "User Experience Design" various formats
9th Path Creative | Curriculum Dev & Teaching "Unicorn Invasion UX and Design Workshops"
FullCircle Mentors | Formal Mentorships
Georgia State University | Curriculum Dev & Teaching "Advertising"
Georgia State University | Teaching "Introduction to Graphic Design"

Fun Facts   
Digital Nomad | Werner the Vanagon
Fiber artist | Embroidery, Quilts, Garments, Toys 
Potterhead | Ravenclaw